In this episode, Lewis and Daniel are joined by Russell Hunter of Abolish Human Abortion to have a theological discussion about abortion, the Incarnation, what is an Abortion Abolitionist, and Law and Gospel. They then answer questions about God creating evil, Isaiah 45:7, and what to do if your pastor isn’t preaching Christ-centered sermons.

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You can subscribe to the podcast on any device using this address (http://feeds.rapidfeeds.com/63632/), or in iTunes by clicking on this link (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/boars-in-the-vineyard/id725842411?mt=2)!

One thought on “EPISODE #6

  1. Wish I could address the reality of sin/grace; law/gospel etc., with the Rev at our church.
    More and more he’s into the same fluff that you hear on TV and in mega churches.
    While Lutheran is not on the door; there are little options locally that don’t give us different options.
    The only thing keeping us going is that we get to hear the Word read (as we still use the Lectionary), and we get the body and blood of Jesus (a few times a month)

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