Episode #12 – Father Weejus is a Homophobe

In this episode, Lewis and Daniel introduce Father Weejus and “Do Business With God,” then play Good Tweet / Bad Tweet where false dichotomies abound and (perhaps) Joel Osteen is a Calvinist. They then answer questions about “missional” Lutheran churches and how they talk about homosexuality.

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One thought on “Episode #12 – Father Weejus is a Homophobe

  1. I appreciate your point of view that to suggest homosexuals just stop “being the way they are” is a trivializing of the fall. The same goes for alcoholism or drug abuse, prescription or otherwise. To suggest an alcoholic just stop drinking is naïve.
    If we could come to terms with the fact that we’re not as “free” as we think we are, we’d likely have more compassion on those who find themselves trapped in a pattern of sin that only differs in kind and destructiveness from what we are experiencing. Someone, maybe Luther, said “We’re beggars showing other beggars where the bread is.” That’s the perspective I need daily.

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