Episode #13 – A Heart For Romaphobia

In this episode Lewis has a heart for ordering a crucifix for Daniel. They then discuss “Romaphobia” and play Good Tweet / Bad Tweet where Creeds not Deeds will give you good nights sleep. Then answer a question about if Lutherans neglect the Holy Spirit and are asked to make a scriptural case for Infant Baptism.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #13 – A Heart For Romaphobia

  1. Very good show, gentlemen. A couple of things about your podcast today:

    1.) As somebody who has spent time in Calvinism, I have learned that one must distinguish between Calvin’s Calvinism (pre-Puritan Calvinism) vs Calvinism as shaped by the Puritans (post-Puritan Calvinism). For example, if you look at pre-Puritan Calvinism, you do not see nearly as much of a “Romophobic” sentiment as you do after the arrival of the Puritans (you are probably aware of the banning of Christmas in the seventeenth century when the Puritan-influenced politicians ascended into office). True, Calvin (like Luther) addressed Rome’s glaring doctrinal deviancies, but he did not have nearly as much animosity toward Rome as did the Puritans who followed and went “rabid” against all things Roman.

    In addition, when one looks at matters such as absolution, baptismal regeneration, the strict Sabbath adherence, the Regulative Principle of Worship (meaning whatever is not commanded in Scripture is forbidden, a mess in and of itself that could take an entire day to talk about), and even the emphasis on the Sacraments, Calvin’s Puritan followers do not line up with Calvin himself. And while Calvin and Luther are obviously not on the same page on everything, pre-Puritan Calvinism looks much more like Lutheranism than post-Puritan Calvinism would be willing to admit (see for example http://www.hornes.org/theologia/rich-lusk/calvin-on-baptism-penance-absolution for good examples of this). Unfortunately, the post-Puritan Calvinists are far more prevalent in today’s society, and many of them balk when it’s suggested that Calvinism did not start with the Puritans, or that Calvin would have disagreed sharply with the Puritans on some significant issues.

    Love the podcast! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Pastors,

    This episode appears to be unavailable on both the podcast stream and the website. I’ve enjoyed listening to the previous twelve so far since I’ve discovered this podcast and from the comment left before me about this episode, I hope I don’t have to miss it! So, if there’s anything you can do to correct the issue or point me in the right direction to fix it myself if it’s an operator’s error, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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