Episode #27 – 30 Minute Leadership

In this episode, Tim and Lewis talk Trinity Sunday and engage in heretical analogies before some Good Tweet/Bad Tweet.  They then talk at length regarding a 30 minute worship service, actually almost as long as the service itself.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #27 – 30 Minute Leadership

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  2. As I said somewhere else concerning this issue, time can be an idol on either extreme. On the one hand, you have people like this guy who unnecessarily condense the sermon, and it seems to try to get people “in-n-out” as fast as possible, which is foolish.

    But the opposite side of this is just as bad. In American Evangelicalism, you get pastors who stretch out their time just for the sake of stretching out time. They’ll tell endless stories and ramble just because they falsely equate a long sermon with a good sermon. Or the song leaders who sing that chorus endlessly because it puts people “in the Spirit” if you sing it one more time with feeling.

    Rushing through a service is bad. But it’s just as bad to artificially extend the service just because it seems more spiritual to do.

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