Episode #32 – VBS Speaks Not for God

In this episode, the world is going crazy, and Tim and Lewis decide to talk about it. Then they play Good Tweet/Bad Tweet, answer a question how to become a Lutheran, and address the summer’s hottest topic, Vacation Bible School.

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Opening music: Listener, “Eyes to the Ground for Change”

Other things: Amos Lee, “Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps”; Neal Morse, “The Conflict

Closing Music: Jovan Mackenzy, “Reformata”

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One thought on “Episode #32 – VBS Speaks Not for God

  1. As I was listening to your discussion on certainty and faith, I was wondering if either of you had Aquinas in mind when you were talking about this subject today, specifically ST II-II, 4, 8 when Aquinas asks if faith is more certain than the intellectual virtues? It almost seemed that you were speaking straight from Aquinas at some points. Aquinas makes the point that faith is more certain than any other kind of knowledge because it is founded in God who cannot lie or change. Doubt arises because of our imperfection, not because the object of our faith is less certain. While I don’t know that Aquinas had a robust Lutheran understanding of faith, in this aspect, I believe he is quite helpful for our postmodern ears. So yes, I really enjoyed your discussion following that ‘bad tweet’ segment of your program. Thank you for another good podcast!

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