Episode #36 – La-beer Day in Texas

In this episode, Lewis and Tim catch up from what seems like a long time back. They do some Good Tweet/Bad Tweet and play a brand new game, Law/Gospel Reduction (not to be confused with the the awful error). They then take some time to answer some of your questions.

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Opening music: Listener, “Eyes to the Ground for Change”

Other things: Amos Lee, “Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps”; Muse, “Apocalypse Please“; Blimey Cow; Swirling Eddies, “Hide the Beer, the Pastor’s Here

Closing Music: Jovan Mackenzy, “Reformata”

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3 thoughts on “Episode #36 – La-beer Day in Texas

  1. Gentlemen:
    Love your podcast and sermons. Let me know if you cannot get Shiner beer where you are and I will send you some. It comes in many varieties and is quite substantive. Like ya’ll are, really. Just tell me what ya’ll like.

    Thanks for reading my Texas secession question on the air (what, no T-shirt?). By the way, Texas has the right to divide into up to five separate states, but has no constitutional right, any more than any other state, to secede. It’s a common myth.

    My question was a lark, but since you weighed in I have some followup questions.
    If a government oppresses its citizens and violates its own Constitution, don’t its Christian citizens have a right to participate (a)protest (b) civil disobedience (c) overthrow of the tyrants? Where is the line? How are we to remain “subject to” the government and is there ever a justified separation? Not talking about persecution of christians, take religion out of it. How much crap do we have to take? What if we secede peacefully and are attacked. May a Christian take up arms in defense of his home and state?

    To which government are we as Christians to subject ourselves? USA? Texas? Both were put there by God (not sure about USA these days, but for argument’s sake, OK); if the government of the (Great) State of Texas, through its elected representatives, secedes, then what? Are we free to choose? Why not? Must a Christian then rebel against the secessor? Why?
    Should Christians advocate the repeal of the 2nd Amendment? Its purpose is to keep its citizens armed, ready to defend themselves against tyranny and ultimately overthrow the tyrants if necessary. It’s built into the Constitution; isn’t that justification enough?
    Seriously, we would truly like your blessing, and have stood down pending this discussion, though our rifles are clean and magazines loaded.
    God bless,

    Bryan Wendt

  2. Thanks for the link. I was a bit confused by Lewis’ statement about secession by the Confederate states, but ya’ll are helping me think this through. Thanks for the blimey cow clip; I just stumbled across this guy last week myself. His take on how to write a “christian song” is dead on.
    I am going to see Dr. Hugh Ross tonight in the Dallas area(Reasons To Believe). Have ya’ll ever explored RTB’s material?

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