Boar’d Shortly With Denominations

In this episode, Tim talks to himself about denominations and divisions.  When unity, when liberty, and when charity?

Opening music: Listener“Eyes to the Ground for Change”

Other things: Black Eyed Sceva, “Ecumenical”

Closing Music: Jovan Mackenzy“Reformata”


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One thought on “Boar’d Shortly With Denominations

  1. I finally went to the i-tunes store and listened from there! It’s a long time from Sunday to Sunday; even with personal devotions I still need this time with my Pastoral Peeps! I am so thankful for my solid Lutheran teaching and confessions. It is a horrible thing to live in constant fear. I have been there, and have such deep regret and sorrow that I was unable to share this freedom and love with other troubled consciences. What we believe, teach and confess does matter.. in the deepest, most profound way.

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