Episode #113 – Merry Semper Koinonia

The return of Good Tweet/Bad Tweet! Other podcasts may copy what we’re doing, but we’re the original. I mean, we’re no good at it, but whatever. Tim and Lewis talk about quizzes from women.com (herehere, and here) about what it means to be Lutheran (you don’t have to get 100% to listen to our show, but it helps). Then, they play Good Tweet/Bad Tweet and go over some Christian MeMEs. It’s ridiculous.


Lewis’ First MeME

Tim’s First MeME

Lewis’ Second MeME

Tim’s Second MeME


Opening music: Listener“Eyes to the Ground for Change”

Closing Music: Jovan Mackenzy“Reformata”


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One thought on “Episode #113 – Merry Semper Koinonia

  1. Hey guys,

    I heard that you’re removing an old episode that contained an interview with T.T. What about the old episodes with Price? Didn’t he do the same thing as T.T.? Isn’t he still working as a “pastor,” despite disqualifying himself?

    I’m disappointed when I see Lutheran pastors that I really like still partnering with Price for Christian conferences and Christian ministry. Hey, I don’t want to see the man black listed from people’s Christmas parties, but shouldn’t we avoid participating in ministry and outreach events with a disqualified pastor who refused to step down (i.e. Price)?

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