Boar’d on Church and State

What in the world?  A Boars episode?  It’s only been two months.  A short episode where Tim gets annoyed with mixing the State and the Church.


Opening music: Listener“Eyes to the Ground for Change”

Other: Bruce Cockburn, “When You Give It Away”

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One thought on “Boar’d on Church and State

  1. Hi Tim. Just been listening to the latest podcast episode. Not sure I would agree that the passage in Leviticus relating to sojourner is strictly applicable only to OT national Israel. I see in this the universal moral command of God to love your neighbour… Although I know that it can’t be used as a single stand-out proof text to strengthen someone’s favoured state government policy on immigration. If I have misunderstood you (which I probably have!) please forgive me!

    Could you explain the best way to make the distinction between what is a binding moral law in Leviticus (ie homosexuality) and the laws to do with things like mixing wool and linen etc… So I can understand it more clearly and explain it more clearly to others.


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