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Can anal sex cause anal leakage


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Girls Name? Where can I find this complete scene ? Links ? Name?

Girls Name? Where can I find this complete scene ? Links ? Name?

Share Twit Share Email. Before we go any further, I must know: Am I going to get poop on my partner or toy? Table 2 Anal intercourse associations with at least monthly can anal sex cause anal leakage incontinence in multivariable models for men and women, NHANES — May 19, For can anal sex cause anal leakage study, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Medicine analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, which included 4, adults ages 20 to 69, and they found that 37 percent of women said they had had anal sex compared to approximately five percent of dudes. Instead, just take things slowly and communicate with your partner. Also, other factors that can cause incontinence, like surgery, childbirth, and certain diseases, could be at play.
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