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My husband want anal sex


"Would like to lick and fuck that ass,Would love to suck her fingers while cumming DEEP in her asshole.,This video is so hot. I love your legs and feet in those stockings. Beautiful ass too MMM,amazing Video,You are so sexy,Virgo is just ridiculously sexy."

Oggi volevo che mio marito mi rompesse il culo,Verified uploader

Oggi volevo che mio marito mi rompesse il culo,Verified uploader

Just sayin'. Because he is selfish. I hated it. If anal is so great for the woman, and not just about pleasing the man or appearing to be a sex goddess In many relationships, anal sex my husband want anal sex perceived as a type of "gift" from the woman, given out of love and regard, and a desire to give her partner something special and rare.
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