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Among the more notable deviations in the film, Mary's marriage to William Stafford, a major part of the book, is mentioned only in a note just before the closing credits, there is no mention of Anne's "stealing" Mary's son to keep a grip on the king's favour there was a scene designed to vaguely cover that, but it was cut from the filmAnne becomes pregnant with Elizabeth after being raped by Henry, Anne and George decide against committing incestMary adopts Elizabeth at the end of the film. Anne Boleyn : Anne is Other boleyn girl sex elder, more ambitious, sister although research suggests that she was the younger of the two girls. A married man admires the neck and shoulders of a young woman. Quote 5. However George is arrested for adultery and incest, as it is believed he and Anne slept together to other boleyn girl sex Anne her much-needed son and soonafter, Anne is brought to the Privy Council to face charges of adultery and later sent other boleyn girl sex the Tower. ByMary's attentions are always toward her infant children and she starts to lose favour with the King, who now has his sights set on Anne.
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