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Also, where an individual has the option of fertilizing its own eggs, www.hermaphrodite sex youtube vids.com might expect it to be more than usually choosy about sires for its offspring. Sequential hermaphroditism is taxonomically widespread throughout the Metazoa but apparently rare except in mollusks and fishes see Policansky In hermaphrodites with the capacity to self-fertilize, outcrossed offspring may be preferred or they www.hermaphrodite sex youtube vids.com be produced only under special environmental conditions see Weeks and others ; Milinski Common in sequentially hermaphroditic fish; for example, bluehead wrasse Warner and Swearer ; documented in two species of simultaneously hermaphroditic serranine fish see Petersen Courtship and spawning behavior in the California sheephead, Semicossyphuspulcher Pisces: Labridae. Individuals from the higher variance sex, or hermaphrodites mating in the higher variance sexual role, may mate indiscriminately as a form of reproductive assurance. In an elegant series of experiments involving laboratory culture of the simultaneously hermaphroditic tapeworm, S.
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